Tent Camping

Bring your own tent, park remotely, and walk in! Tent-Camping is the most affordable way to join our camping community at ØMF. 

Every ticket comes with a camping spot.

Car Camping

Set up right next to your vehicule! Car Camping offers a convenient and secure way to keep all your stuff nearby. Option available for weekend pass holders only.

$50 + taxes & fees
[Limited quantity]

RV Camping

Camp in style and convenience when you drive your own RV to the Ørigins Music Festival campground! Option disponible pour les festivaliers détenant une passe weekend seulement. Option available for weekend pass holders only.

Without power sources
$80 + taxes + fees

With power sources & water
$150 + taxes + fees
[Very limited quantity]

Important informations

No vehicle movement will be permitted once you have parked. If you need to leave for an emergency, you must get a parking/campground volunteer to escort your car out safely. Absolutely no car movement is allowed from 11pm–7am.